Vietnam Social Sciences, S. 4 (2015)

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The Role of ASEAN in the East Sea Conflict Prevention


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   The primary ambition and objective of ASEAN ever since its establishment have been to create a peaceful and stable South East Asia to help member countries maintain their independence and sovereignty, and achieve sustainable development. This has been well illustrated in most official documents of the ASEAN, particularly in the ASEAN Charter enacted since December 2008. Moreover, conflict prevention, resolution and management have been one of the main contents and elements of the ASEAN Political - Security Community (APSC), one of the three main pillars of the ASEAN Community (AC) that the bloc has committed for realization in 2015. Therefore, taking part in conflict resolution in the East Sea lies within the scope of work, responsibilities and interests of the association. Within the scope of this article, we will address three key topics as follows: 1) Why ASEAN is taking part in conflict resolution in the East Sea; 2) How is ASEAN participating in the issue: achievements and limitations; and 3) What should ASEAN do to exercise its role as a center, a driving force for resolving the rapidly escalating conflicts in the region.  

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