Journal of Science, S. 1 (2015)

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Literature review of climate change impact induced migration


Tóm tắt

    Climate change impacts seem to be clearly over the world, especially, regions vulnerable to climate change and low resilience capacity. Climate change induced migration have also presented in these areas. This paper is the first step of research on human displacement caused by impacts of climate change and reasons making the vulnerable people to move on as well as where migrants resettle. The result of this review shows clearly that climate change is happening in Ho Chi Minh city and people who live in low-lying areas over the world are displacing by their environmental change causing by dreadful weather or climate. The paper used traditional methods to collect and classify materials related to the topic. The research suggests that people will displace because of their likelihood affected by climate change, besides, the review is basic for the author to carry out impact of climate change on Saigonist migration in the future. 

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